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How do I connect through VNC on my VPS?

How do I connect through VNC on my VPS?

In this tutorial we will be showing you how to connect through VNC.

Important note: You need "VNC viewer" to use VNC with your VPS.

Head to your VPS, you can do this from the client dashboard

Dashboard VPS

When you are in the dashboard of the vps, head to "Settings" and then "VNC Password" after this you should be seeing the following

VNC Password

Create a VNC password.

Note: Don't use Non-Alphanumeric characters

Reboot your server

Download VNC viewer from the following download link: VNCViewer
In case you have VNC viewer installed, skip this step.

Go to "VNC" in the dashboard and copy the VNC IP and port, you should see the following:


Open up VNC Viewer and copy the VNC IP + Port at the top of the application then hit enter. After this, you should be seeing this:


Press continue, after this you need to fill in the password you set earlier. After this you should be in the VNC

Thank you for reading this tutorial, if something is still unclear, let us know via a support ticket.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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